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23 February, 2006

Eat Meat, Eat Meat - Eat It All Day Long

Mark your calendars for 20-23 April because that is the weekend when lovers of processed meats are thrust into nirvana. Lovers of coarse-cut ring bologna, cooked jellied loaves, jerky - re-structured, jerky - whole muscle, natural casing wieners, cured and/or smoked large diameter slicing sausage, and other such tasty delights can indulge themselves at the annual convention of the Wisconsin Association of Meat Processors. My co-workers Ed and Pete are going to reprise their roles as judges this year. Unfortunately, the tasting is not open to the public. Pete described how last year there were endless rows of buffet tables lined with those mini-stove hoolies all frying bacon. Mmmm...bacon...Ed said that, if he should become aware of any openings for judges, he'd put my name in the hat. Oh, to be a bacon judge!

Luckily there will also be a product show open to schmoes like me. Some food service quality knives, 55 gallon drums of marinade, huge cans containing enough dry rub to last for 10 years - lots of funky stuff. So be there and sample until your colon is completely blocked and you lapse into lethargy caused by a gigantic meat buzz that permeates your body.

Eat meat, eat meat, filet mignon
Eat meat, eat meat, eat it all day long
Eat a few T-bones till you get your fill
Eat a new york cut, hot off the grill
|| Palmer, 11:44 AM


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