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23 February, 2006

More Culinary Science Tonight

I attended "Cooking Philosophies: A Chefs' Debate" last night at the State Historical Society. It was a roundtable discussion featuring Madison chef Tory Miller (L'Etoile Restaurant), Tami Lax (Harvest Restaurant), Madison food writer Raphael Kadushin, and Harold McGee (noted author and science writer). I'll post an account of it later along with some pictures and video clips.

Mr. McGee returns tonight with "Playing With Food: Three Centuries of Science in the Kitchen":

Harold McGee will recount some of the little-known history of food preparation and its influence on the development of science, and report on his own research into such questions as: Why do French cooks insist on whipping egg whites in copper bowls? How many liters of mayonnaise can you make with one egg yolk? Can thermocouples and computers help you cook a better hamburger? And why does the spatter from a frying pan end up on the inside of a cook's eyeglasses?

It's at 7:30 in room 1800 of Engineering Hall.
|| Palmer, 9:51 AM


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