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30 November, 2006

At the Sinny

Hilldale Theatres will be shutting down on 17 December after a run of the sing-a-long version of The Sound of Music. Madison will be short one arthouse until the spring when the fancy schmancy Sundance 608 theatres open.

The Orpheum Theatre is trying to get its marquee lit again. There will be a benefit on the 12th to raise funds for the project. Folks have the chance to contribute to a good cause and see We Are Marshall before the rest of the country.

I was in Chicago over Thanksgiving and got the winter season schedule for the Music Box Theatre. They are going to be screening some great films. Aguirre, The Wrath of God opens on 8 December. It's a new print of Werner Herzog's classic starring Klaus Kinski. David Lynch's newest, Inland Empire, opens in January. Unfortunately, the full schedule is not up at their webpage. I got it as an insert in the Chicago Reader and I don't have it with me, at the moment. I recall that there's a series of epics in December including the entire Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Yes, you can spend all day there watching Mr. Frodo and Co. – and get this - for only $10!! But wait – there's more! Lawrence of Arabia will also be screened. Keep an eye on their webpage for the winter schedule. I am thinking a roadtrip is in order. Buy pelmeni at Argos Bakery, eat lunch/dinner at that Madras Indian joint on Devon, and then some good cinema.

Lastly, I saw Casino Royale the other night with The Dulcinea and enjoyed it immensely. The opening bit in black & white was neat and had some great cinematography. And the chase scene that followed was fantastic! I got vertigo as they climbed the girders and were punching each other on the cranes. As we left, I noticed a puddle of drool by The Dulcinea's seat so she obviously adored Daniel Craig or at least his body. She's now got some crazy ideas in her head after having seen Craig naked in the torture scene at the end. I think he made a great Bond. We see him get his wings here, basically, so he's a bit rougher around the edges. This is the first Bond story, after all. Less gadgets and no Q, unfortunately, plus fewer one-liners. Judi Dench does her usual great job as Q and Eva Green is a hottie. The Bond here is less ostentatious and not quite the stoic figure we're used to. Looking forward to the next one. Will it be Live and Let Die, the second Bond novel?
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