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24 November, 2006

Goodbye, Maddie

1 September 2005 - 23 November 2006

Thanksgiving didn't start well. The Dulcinea awoke to find Maddie motionless and virtually unable to move. When I got to her house, there were tears in her eyes as she explained that Maddie's condition has deteriorated significantly and that she'd found a vet that was open to euthanize her. (Maddie's condition had been getting worse the past couple months.) I never had a pet as a child so it was the first time I had to put to sleep an animal that I loved.

It was hard to see her take her last breath and it's almost as hard thinking about it now. I miss her.
|| Palmer, 6:47 PM


It sucked having to tell Miles today, he cried and cried. He wants to get a new cat. Perhaps the two of you can devise a plan to convince me I want one too. I was glad you were there.

The D
Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:51 PM  

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