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07 November, 2006

In My Neighborhood

I voted just before 6 tonight. I'm in the 8th ward. My polling place is the American Family Insurance regional office on Walbridge. When I walked in, the line for pre-registered voters was almost to the door and I ended up waiting about 20 minutes or so. Pretty painless.

One thing I like about Election Day is seeing my neighbors at the polling place. I don't know many of the folks in my ward as most of my friends and co-workers live elsewhere in the city. Now, maybe it's because I'm feeling a bit randy this evening, but I noticed all the beautiful women in line at the polling place. There were a host of pulchritudinous blondes and women who looked to be of Mediterranean background, and a couple equally attractive African-American women. I realized that I don't see these people because I don't do much in my own neighborhood and I don't know anyone in my neighborhood. I chat with the folks next door or across the street on occasion but they aren't my friends and my ties to them are very tenuous. I used to encounter my neighbors over at Toad Hill Coffeehouse when it was open, but, since it closed, my contact with those who live around me has been minimal. That's one of bad things about my neighborhood - there's no real Third Place for me to congregate. Perhaps I ought to check out the new Sunprint Cafe.
|| Palmer, 6:29 PM


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