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16 February, 2007

Wet Spots & Peach Pies

Walking into the High Noon Saloon last night, The Dulcinea and I found it heavily populated with folks eager to indulge themselves in disproportionate measures of music and titillation, many clutching lagniappes of Liquid Silk person lube courtesy of sponsor A Woman's Touch. We were there for a performance by The Wet Spots.

Hailing from Canada, The Wet Spots are Cass King & John Woods who perform songs on the bawdy side with titles such as "Labia Limbo" and "I'd Like to Come". Armed with just a guitar and their voices, they put on a fun show which invited the audience to sing along and one lucky listener to (ahem) come onstage and do a little spanking. (I believe it was Randi O'Toole from Madison's Cherry Pop Burlesque.) Banter between songs was friendly and funny with a crowd that seemed to consist mostly of kinky folks. My erotic writing group was there to celebrate a member's birthday so I can vouch for the kinkiness of several of us in the audience. Although the occasional song featured a backing track, most were just Woods on guitar. This didn't really seem detrimental because it was the lyrics that were the focus. With a lyrical interrogative like "Do you take it in the bottom?", a minimal melody is all that's really needed. And the ukulele on "Labia Limbo" proved an oddly appropriate accompaniment for King's oral gesticulations.

Opening was the local burlesque outfit Foxy Veronica's Peach Pies. We got to the High Noon in the middle of their routine and thusly weren't privy to all of it but what I caught was fun. It seemed that maybe 3 or 4 of the women were true performers or, at least, more well-rehearsed than the rest. The belly dancing routine was great, though. The shakiness of some performances can easily be forgiven but the emcee cannot. Parading around the stage with his feathered hat, The Reverend (Jim?) looked like a pale Kid Rock imitation and was just as annoying as the real thing. Instead of attempting to rally the crowd, his near-constant berating of it for their subdued cheering dampened the enthusiasm of the Peach Pies. The Dulcinea noted that one of the troupe works at an MATC coffee stand so, if you see her, do be sure to inquire as to their next performance.
|| Palmer, 10:59 AM


According to my sources the Peach Pie in question is no longer a barrista @ MATC. But like everybody else tehy're on myspace.

I saw the lasses @ a halftime show for the Mad Rollin Dolls. I agree that the Rev. Jim guy is nothing but detrimental. It's like he's some absurd/annoying pimp. They would be better served with some classy lassy doing the intros and banter.
Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:38 PM  
Yep, Rev. Jim is an bad mark on their show. Perhaps a write-in campaign is in order.

And yes, she of the cutest hair cut ever is no longer slinging java at school, alas.

It's funny, seeing a barista outside of a coffee shop is like seeing your elementary school teacher outside of school - it's a bit disconcerting!

The D
Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:30 PM  
I agree- the Peach Pies show is great, except for their MC.
Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:39 AM  
I love the Peach Pies but I have to agree on the Kid Rock-like MC! He puts a bad face on an otherwise fantastic show.
Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:32 AM  
It's unanimous - The Reverend Jim has gotta go.

Sorry about the barista bit - I obviously misheard in the din of the performance.
Blogger Palmer, at 1:01 PM  

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