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02 May, 2007

On the Godless Front

Richard Dawkins recently released the video of the entire interview he did with the Bishop of Oxford for his The Root of All Evil?. They're buddies as Dawkins has "collaborated on several occasions to promote the proper teaching of science in UK classrooms" with the Bishop.

Also of note on the godless front is Christopher Hitchens who is out promoting his latest screed, God Is Not Great. Head to this site to watch him on a recent episode of The Daily Show. You can also watch Hitchens participate in a roundtable discussion about religion over at Book TV.

Jonathan Miller's BBC program, Brief History of Disbelief is finally making its way to American television. (I wrote about watching the first episode last fall.) You can find out more about the show's airing (mostly on PBS) by going to abriefhistoryofdisbelief.org. No news about whether the companion series, The Atheism Tapes, will be broadcast here as well.

I checked out The Science Network's webpage for the first time in a while and saw that there were several new interviews. I am especially keen on watching the conversation with neuroscientist V.S. Ramachandran. I first encountered him by watching the Beyond Belief 2006 conference and found him to be an extraordinary speaker. Just fascinating. I'll have to read me some neuroscience.
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