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07 May, 2007

Taunting French Dalek

Also check this out. It's the trailer for the second half of the current season. Will John Simm be the new Master?

|| Palmer, 6:06 AM


IMDB asks that very same question, but we apparently have t wait at least seven more episodes before we find out:
"The Doctor, Martha and Captain Jack meet the mysterious poll leader, Mr. Saxon who isn't all he seems. Could he be the Doctor's enemy, The Master?"


(he'll also be in Episode 12)

Could Capt. Jack have the hand of the Master in that container?
Anonymous Jesse, at 8:55 AM  
All of the rumors point to Saxon either being or becoming The Master.

We've got this weekend off due to the Eurovision contest so I hope to play catch-up.
Blogger Palmer, at 9:38 AM  

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