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19 October, 2007

The Necessity of Impeachment

I was finally able to watch "Cheney's Law", the first episode of this season's Frontline. It didn't really offer much that was new to people who have been following the administration the past few years but it was nice in that it drew together lots of things and put them all into one handy program. The show ended with a quote from Cheney that he gave while being interviewed by Fox News in 2002:

I've been around town for 34 years. Time after time after time, administrations have traded away the authority of the President to do his job. We're not gonna do that in this administration. The President is bound and determined to defend those principles and to pass on this office – his and mine – to future generations in better shape than we found it.

This irked me beyond the signing statements, the surreptitious dealings, the decisions by Yoo & Addington – and is why we need to impeach Bush & Cheney. As John Nichols and Bruce Fein argued this past summer, impeachment is how we ensure that this administration's legacy doesn't get passed on to future executives. Allowing officials who swore an oath to uphold the Constitution to then turn around and ignore it with the impunity granted to them by a compliant lawyer at the Office of Legal Counsel is not a good precedent to set.
|| Palmer, 9:01 AM


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