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16 February, 2010

Pan Y Pan Puts the Restaurant in "Bakery & Restaurant"

The last time I wrote about the Pan Y Pan Bakery and Restaurant, only the bakery half was up and running. But this past weekend I discovered that the restaurant is now fully armed and operational.

The Dulcinea and I had been shopping at Woodman's and I decided to stop in to get some sweets when we saw that the door had ads for their tacos, burritos, etc. And so, in addition to buying pastries (including the best chocolate covered doughnuts in town), we had a late dinner.

I had steak tacos and The D went with an al pastor burrito. The tacos were great and by "great" I mean they were what you'd expect. They're just tacos; nothing super fancy, just good basic grub. The steak was well-seasoned and there was plenty of onion on the warm dual-layer tortillas. My only gripe was that they didn't come with any lime and I completely forgot to ask. I tried just a bit of the burrito and thought it was tasty. The D seemed to like it as well, although it was too much food for her for one sitting. And the green salsa that came with our chips was quite delicious with the right amount of burn. It's nice to see that they don't pawn off the mild bland stuff on us gringos.

The next morning I had my chocolate covered doughnut. Praise be to Pan Y Pan! I've written about how much I love them before but let me reiterate: the outside was slightly crispy and it was a layer of honest to Christ chocolate on top and not a glaze or frosting. And the whole thing was a lot less sweet than most doughnuts. They are da bomb, as kids say these days.
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