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10 June, 2010

Capital Fest Now a Hop Fest

Has anyone had this year's Capital Fest? The summer seasonal was put on hiatus a couple years ago but has returned. (I assume Prairie Gold didn't go over well and Wild Rice is very expensive to brew.)

I tried some this week and, for a beer whose label proclaims "Refined Malt Richness Defined", it sure is hoppy. In fact, it seems much hoppier than it ever has. Is it my tastebuds or has the malt goodness been sacrificed at the Hophead Altar of Bitterness? Viking Brewing goes under then Capital's Bavarian Lager goes away, and now this.

Can I get my malt back, please?
|| Palmer, 11:44 AM


New Glarus seems to dominate this region, and why not, their drinks are wonderful.

But Capital has had some great brews it's self. Maibock and Wild Rice are my favorites! I hope they don't go under as well!
Blogger Atom Kid, at 1:44 PM  
Capital does alright for itself. I think Amber is still the biggest seller but Supper Club is going really well.

I don't think Capital is in danger of going away but it seems like Kirby is struggling a bit these days to reconcile his love of lagers with the demand for very hoppy brews.
Blogger Palmer, at 7:34 AM  

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