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24 September, 2010

Viking Brewery Resurrected (And Books On the Way Too)

This spring Viking Brewing up in Dallas went on hiatus. Well it looks like Randy Lee was made an offer he can't refuse. An Icelandic brewery with the same name has been looking at distributing in the States and has bought the rights to the name here and provided Lee with an influx of cash to resurrect his brewing outfit.

After sixteen years, the Viking Brewing Company of Dallas, Wisconsin need’s to find a new name. Recently, the brewery sold its U.S. Trademarked name “Viking” to the Viking Brewery - Vifilfell Ltd. of Akureyri, Iceland who wanted to import its Viking beer into this the U.S. Randy Lee, owner of Viking Brewing Co. USA had this to say, “We’ve been in negotiations with Viking, Iceland for some time now, and we finally reached terms that we can both live with. It’s going to be difficult to come up with a new name because we’ve been Vikings for so long that we just don’t know how else to behave, but I guess, now we will have to become civilized.”

To celebrate, there will be a viking funeral up in Dallas on 2 October. Yes, they are going to torch a viking ship on a pond. And The Dulcinea will be able to drink their Hot Chocolate again.


In other beer-related news, I hear that photographer Carl Carey will soon be releasing a book of photos of Wisconsin taverns. Plus a different author is hard at work on a book about the history and architecture(?!) of the same venues. Expect that book out in a couple years.
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