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04 February, 2013

Last Chance to See - The Radio Show

Considering that Last Chance to See involves a favorite author of mine, Douglas Adams, you'd have thought that I'd have heard the radio show by now. But no. Seeing my deficiency, I tried to rectify it over the weekend and started listening to the program. I'm only a couple episodes in and it's good. Peter Jones, who voiced The Book in the H2G2 radio and TV shows does the narration. In the episode I listened to last night, Adams and Carwardine go into a Chinese store to buy condoms so they can cover their mic for some underwater recording. But it's also depressing. That episode featured this creature:

That's a baiji or Yangtze River dolphin. The show was recorded in 1989 and there were estimated to be only 200 left at the time. Today, the animal is considered to be extinct due to fishing, getting chewed up in propellers on the crowded river, etc.

The entire series can be heard at the BBC site linked above.

I have the book too which I shall have to read soon.

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