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22 June, 2007

Off to Yahweh's Dude Ranch

I must remember to renew my membership in the Freedom From Religion Foundation as it expires in just over a week. I'll be happy to support them with their latest lawsuit which they just filed this week against North Dakota's subsidy of a religious ranch for all the young dudes. You can read the complaint in its entirety here (PDF).

Apparently the ND juvenile justice system remands some youthful offenders to the Dakota Boys & Girls Ranch which is an arm of the Lutheran church. Thusly the state is compelling kids to attend a religious institution and is using taxpayer money for this purpose to boot. I found this part of the complaint quite disturbing:

43. Children are disciplined for refusing to participate in the spiritual aspects of their therapeutic treatment plan, including suspension of privileges; prolongation of commitment at the Dakota Boys & Girls Ranch; compelled writing assignments to explain personal religious beliefs. Refusal to participate in religious activities is considered non-participation in a child's treatment plan.

Reminds me of my father, who was an atheist, being forced to attend meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Speaking of religion and its attendant stupidity, some guy claims to have hacked Bloomsbury Publishing and grabbed a copy of the last Harry Potter book. Why did he/they do it?

"We did it by following the precious words of the great Pope Benedict XVI when he still was Cardinal Josepth (sic) Ratzinger.

"He explained why Harry Potter bring the youngs (sic) of our earth to Neo Paganism faith."

Well better that the youth be neo-pagans than be raped by a priest who is given cover by that scumbag Ratzinger.


Congratulations go out to Salman Rushdie who is now Sir Salman Rushdie.

I never knew he was married to a model many years his junior. Anyway, this provoked the now customary reaction of thousands of adherents of that peaceful religion, Islam, to turn into 10 year olds and burn flags and threaten to kill Rushdie. According to Pakistani premier Shaukat Aziz, the knighthood has "hurt the feelings" of Muslims. And what do Muslims like Aziz who get their feelings hurt want to do? Why kill, of course.
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