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23 December, 2005

IMAX in Madtown

The IMAX theatre that was recently built at Star Cinemas is almost ready for business.

Madison, WI - Moviegoers will have the opportunity to take a 3D journey through space to visit the world's first space station with Space Station: 3D and further immerse themselves in the adventure of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire when both films open at the Star Cinema IMAX during the last week of December. Construction at the Star Cinema includes the addition of an IMAX theatre and three additional stadium-style seating auditoriums. After completion of the addition, the theatre will feature 18 screens for moviegoers. Grand opening of the addition is slotted for the last week of December 2005.

I'm thinking Hermione on the IMAX would be, in the words of ex-con Martha Stewart, a good thing. And I'm sure The Dulcinea would replace "Hermione" with "Ron" in the above sentence. Ergo, we'll be going to see HP.
|| Palmer, 1:31 PM


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