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19 December, 2005

Like a Red-Headed Stepchild

Professor Paul Mirecki of Kansas University claims he was beaten earlier this month by anonymous assailants. Mirecki, a professor of theology, was going to teach a course about "Intelligent Design" as mythology. Then some e-mails disparaging of certain Christians surfaced and he resigned his post. And then he was beaten. I haven't heard anything about the incident since it occurred earlier this month and a cursory search of the Net found no updates. So, while it could have been a purely random incident or not related to his views at all, I suspect not as it happened on a rural road and he was in the media quite often. No, I'm thinking it was a couple of Christian good ol' boys who were so offended that they forgot to turn the other cheek.

An assessment can be found at Evolving Thoughts.
|| Palmer, 7:11 PM


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