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24 July, 2005

Denouement of a Day and a Look Ahead

When I got home, Stevie, Becca, Cheryl, and Brian were hanging out in the den. The weather hadn't allowed for boating so they were chillin' with some cocktails. I joined them and we basically shot the shit and drank for a few hours. Brian and I chatted about multimedia and computers for a while and then I found out he, Cheryl, and some friends were going to be hitting the Bristol Ren Faire next month so I may meet up with them. They are both really into Renaissance history. In fact, their wedding had a Renaissance theme. At some point, I got tired of sitting on the floor because there were no seats left and the pills were wearing off while the rum & cokes I was drinking were kicking in so I hit the rack.

Today is supposed to be a scorcher. It is to hit 97°F with a heat index of something like 112°. I think I picked the wrong day to cook inside. I am planning on making Pieze? Wo?owa Duszona, which is Polish for beef pot roast. I am also planning on doing the variation with sour cream and pickles. We'll see if I decide to grill something or just eat a salad. Regardless of what I actually prepare today, I really do need to go shopping. It seems like my diet the past week has consisted of little more than Indian sweets and I'm out of barfi and down to a few of these peanut ball hoolies the name of which escapes me. There are also a couple other things on my to-do list which I didn't have time for yesterday so I should get on those. That means I have a letter to write, must call my mum, get laundry squared away, do some reading, listen to some CDs to review, and who knows what else.
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