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31 July, 2005

The Motorway's Stretching Right Out to Me

Camping was fun, if short. Got hang out with Don, Jean, Michelle, Al, Holly, Elaine, Sue, Munch, Lucas, Madison, and a few others. It was nice to meet some folks about whom I've heard stories but have never taken their presence. Munch, for example, was explained to me at previous camping outings. And Elaine was the person who had busted Ted the Vegetarian at an Italian beef joint. Don, whom I've known in some capacity for many years, gave me the skinny on GenCon and got me all fired up for some Call of Cthulu action. Plus I got a new pocketknife to boot, courtesy of the next-door neighbor. Spent Friday night around the campfire with a beer perpetually in-hand and occasionally a bottle of Maker's Mark. In my drunken stupor, I was able to pitch my tent. This made me so happy, I took pictures for the naysayer, Ed. Yesterday we went out on Mirror Lake. My pale skin caught some sun and I took the services of a noodle which allowed me to easily float in the water with a can of Pig's Eye. There were many stories told including one by Jean to the kids. She told them a ghost story and returned to the fire and explained how she had appropriated Alfred Hitchcock in her attempt to scare them. To top things off, the drives up and back gave me some valuable time alone for road navel gazing.

There will be plenty more of that, I suspect, as I'm heading to Chicago anon.

The Internets has gone down. Presumably Charter is diligently working to bring it back up. Oh well - I guess I'll have to post this later.
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