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25 July, 2005

Search Terms

Here is a smattering of the search terms which have led people here:

"liz goldwyn +boobs"
"Mawgojzeta ?"
"kiera knightly tits"
"hypermammiferous definition"
"my sister in-law loves to watch me masturbate"
"poet reading public television south america translated operation volunteer documentary doctor spine donation 'south america'"
voltaire 'suicide girls'"
"pussy bonspiel ash"
"orgasms recordered"
"pics of women being hog-tied"

Now, I've run some of these searches and find that most of the time my humble blog comes up on like the 24th page. As if some joker can't find a picture of Kiera Knightly's tits anywhere in the preceeding 200+ pages. Now, "pussy bonspiel ash" has me totally flummoxed.
|| Palmer, 6:32 PM


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