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29 February, 2004

Lover's Leap

I've been so far from here,
Far from your warm arms.
It's good to feel you again,
It's been a long long time, such a long long time.
Hasn't it?

Happy Leap Year!

So far, I've applied for a couple jobs, imbibed not nearly enough coffee, and printed out my resume. I am highly suspicious of any company that only allows for paper applications for an IT position. It just seems...questionable...

It's nice day outside already and is set only to get nicer. I am forced to wonder why I am listening to the song "Futile".

This afternoon brings gaming. We have been absolved from catering and will instead order a za or 3. Paper resume is ready to be mailed. Shit! I forgot to sign it! Well, I can rip open the envelope and rehoolie it later. The Academy Awards are tonight. I'll be missing any parties for the occasion. Besides, these awards don't interest me much. The ones that do were handed out a couple weeks ago - the science and technology ones. Like Henrik Wann Jensen, Stephen R. Marschner and Pat Hanrahan "for their pioneering research in simulating subsurface scattering of light in translucent materials". I guess I'm just more interested in seeing people who get rewarded for their work as opposed to some popularity contest. Yeah, that's not totally fair but, to me, best actors and actresses don't interest me. The people who innovate robotic cranes for camera to make beautiful and interesting mise en scene do. Best picture doesn't interest me either but the guy who invented the system to control all those computer-generated urakai does. Whether or not Return of the King wins doesn't mean much to me - I love the movie already. But I am keen on finding out about the newest techonologies and advancements which are going to aid, abet, and/or innovate cinema. At least those folks got to have that little hottie, Jennifer Garner, emcee the proceedings even if virtually no one gave a shit.
|| Palmer, 10:12 AM


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