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27 February, 2004

States of Mind

Right now, I am intensely pissed off. Aside from any stupid drama in my own life, I have watched a few documentaries that really got under my craw. All the bureaucratic bullshit that prevented US intelligence from preventing 9/11, the crooked politicians, all the people out there getting screwed over by large corporations that do nothing but piss down our backs and tell us it's raining...I just want to punch some CEO out right how! And the majority of Congress too! And the executive branch and the judicial branch...It seems like the American populace is majestic in their stupidity.

Well, I finally got word on the job:

"The position was filled with another external applicant."

That settles that matter, at least. I am also awaiting word from another contracting company. I can only presume more bad news awaits me...signing off..
|| Palmer, 2:44 PM


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