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26 March, 2004

A Meal Fit For Jehovah

That was my dinner. And I just have to tell you - holy f*ck was it great!! Ever since I learned of my father's death, I haven't really been hungry. I've eaten once a day with at least 12 hours between meals. I didn't feel hungry yet I scarfed it down. Fantastic!

After he gave me the package, I sat it down on the table and turned to get a fork when I realized that there wasn't a utensil in the house except a pocketknife. So I started out with my hands and stripped a bone of its meat and voila! - instant utensil!

The meat was smoked to perfection. It was falling off the bone and, once it got into my mouth, it melted. At first, the flavors seemed simple - not that that's a bad thing - but I let it sit on my palette and I began to taste all the subtlties. The way the smoky flavor of the meat mixed with the sauce which had a nice tang to it. (I love vinegar!) How the hint of chili powder in the sauce was balanced by the tomato flavor. The potato salad was good too. It was of a style I've only had once or twice previously - like mashed potatoes with large chunks. They had added just the right amount of lemon juice to it - you could taste the sourness but only just. Baked beans and a couple slices of white bread rounded it out. The beans were good but nothing special. Two 16oz cans of Natural Light topped it off. I haven't drank that since Pete and I vacationed south of here about 2 years ago. Although it's a cheap, crappy beer, it was cold and really hit the spot.

It was a meal fit for Jehovah.
|| Palmer, 11:20 PM


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