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31 March, 2004


What a horrid day for news. First I read about more US soldiers being killed and then about 4 Westerners being attacked, their bodies hung from a bridge, and their corpses mutiliated and dragged through the streets. I got this from a South African news site:

"As the flames died down men pulled one of the bodies out, laid it on the ground and mutilated it with shovels, hacking off parts and shouting 'long live Islam'."

I mean, I can understand that the people who shot at and launced the RPGs were probably not your average Joe Muslims. They were probably extremists - insurgents. But the mob that dragged the bodies out - it sounds like they were just area residents. I guess that's what Allah wanted. Allah's on one side and God on another - it just sickens me. As Richard Dawkins wrote in the aftermath of 9/11:

"To label people as death-deserving enemies because of disagreements about real world politics is bad enough. To do the same for disagreements about a delusional world inhabited by archangels, demons and imaginary friends is ludicrously tragic."

Then I read this dreadful story:

"The 19 year-old mother of a 20 month-old baby girl was visiting friends at the Olievenhoutbos informal settlement near Pretoria, when her 30 year-old boyfriend came to pick the baby up.

He later brought the crying baby back to her and left. Paramedics were called when the mother and neighbours discovered the baby's genitals were bleeding. The district surgeon confirmed that the baby had been raped.

The 30-year-old Pretoria man has now been found and arrested and will appear before the Pretoria Regional Court on Tuesday."

What kind of person would do anything sexual with a 20 month-old infant?!? That guy is one diseased, perverted fucker.

Oh, for some good news...
|| Palmer, 9:10 AM


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