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28 March, 2004

Night Has Fallen

I ran a couple quick errands and now I'm downloading the BBC radio drama of Isaac Asimov's Foundation Trilogy. It should make for some amusing listening. I went on a big Asimov kick about 10 years ago and read all of the Foundation books consecutively. After finishing, I vowed to never read his fiction again. He is soooo white bread. But I never said a word about dramatic interpretation of his work for radio. Right now, I really wish I had my collection of Doctor Who audio dramas with me. (As if they are any less dorkier...)

I bought some decent coffee and am enjoying a pot right now as I try to plan tomorrow. I need to call the moving company. I also must find a service that will mow the lawn occasionally until the place is sold. Joe might come over tomorrow to get an entertainment center and, hopefully, bring word that he's found someone to buy the dryer. And hell, maybe I'll get lucky and get those darn death certificates. Places will be open for business and I can at least feel like I'm making progress even if my phone calls are for naught.
|| Palmer, 7:21 PM


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