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27 March, 2004

One Down, ? To Go

Listening to this Y'Alternative Internet radio station is now becoming a tease. I find that I really want to listen to some Whiskeytown. Everyone once in a while it plays a song of theirs and, more frequently, some Ryan Adams but I wanna hear Strangers Almanac.

I was toying with this camera but I can't get it to focus when the wide-angle lense is mounted. D'oh! I finally shaved today with one of these egregiously cheap disposable razors. It did a crappy job on my jawline and tore apart my poor, sensitive neck. My cheeks, however, are nice'n'smooth. I find this odd considering I've been using cheap little bar soap - the kind you find in hotels. (My dad had boxes of the stuff.) I took a picture of myself freshly shorn and wearing my t-shirt with Edvard Munch's The Cry on it. My hair is appalling in it so I can't post it. hehe Seriously, though, since I haven't had my hair out this long in several years yet I am still applying the same attitude I had when it was a quarter inch long - wash'n'go. Again, considering I'm washing my hair with bar soap, it's surprisingly soft. And I'm getting readjusted to having to brush it out of my eyes again.

I sold the refrigerator today and now my paltry stash of food is sitting in a cooler. But it's one of those funky ones that plugs into a wall outlet or a car's cigarette lighter.

Oooh! Here's some Whiskeytown!

And now some Neko Case!!

I think I'm going to download some mp3s from Usenet. It humors me how the RIAA goes after 13 year-old girls for using Kazaa yet there's copyrighted stuff in newsgroups galore as well as on the Undernet. And not just music, but movies as well. I downloaded The Matrix Reloaded, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, 28 Days, et al. Plus I found a guy who had that short-lived X-Files spinoff, The Lone Gunmen. And there's lots of software too. Need a copy of AutoCAD 2004 like Stevie did? Rather than pay a couple thousand dollars for it, he just downloaded it. The djinn is out of the bottle and corporate America had better get used to it.

I have snagged a Pete Townshend tune and 1 by Ian Anderson. As I type, a live Ozric Tentacles song is downloading.

I am thinking about a lot of things. I should try to finish my essay on Jethro Tull soon. Having traded a couple notes with a reader as well as looked at some of her photos, I am anxious to take some snaps with my new camera. And I'm also thinking about neo-paganism and how an ex-girlfriend never returned my copy of Drawing Down the Moon - beotch! I'm also thinking about the dark-haired woman so beautiful behind the register at the grocery store. She's no college co-ed and she has some wonderful curves...
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