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29 March, 2004

What Is It With Rock Stars?

First there was that assnugget in Madison, now there's this from the AP:

VILNIUS, Lithuania - A Lithuanian court found French rock star Bertrand Cantat guilty on Monday of manslaughter for the beating death of his movie-star girlfriend and sentenced him to eight years in prison in a case that has horrified many in France.


Cantat's lawyer, Olivier Metzner, said he would appeal the verdict, calling it "absolutely excessive."


The multimillionaire singer, held in the Czarist-era Lukiskes Prison since his arrest eight months ago, told judges he slapped Trintignant four times in a drunken stupor — contradicting prosecutors who said he fatally punched her at least 19 times in a jealous rage.

"Everything happened very fast," he said during the trial. "Never, never did I want things to happen that way. This hand should never have risen. And I do not accept myself having raised this hand."

An ambulance was called to the hotel at around 7:30 a.m., by which time Trintignant had already been in a coma for two hours. While still in a coma and on life support, she was flown by private jet days later to France — where she died Aug. 1.

Alright, now maybe the English translations are off-kilter here or something. I interpret his statements as admissions of guilt. "Well, I just meant to beat the living shit out of her, not actually kill her, Your Honor." The woman was in a coma for 2 fucking hours before an ambulance was called! And, in typical lawyer fashion, 8 years in jail for taking someone's life is "excessive". His brutality towards his girlfriend was apparently just the right amount for that shitknocker. How the fuck can a lawyer call the sentence excessive when your client admits to beating someone which eventually causes her death? It's too fucking lenient, if you ask me.

This kind of shit gets in my craw. Not only do rich people get off easier than they should, but it makes all men look like a bunch of savage barbarians. I've seen the look of women who feared that I was going to rape them. It happened to me a few times in college. That look on their faces was chilling. And it made me feel horrible because I never had any such intentions. Sure, I wanted to get laid, but I wasn't going to force them into anything. But guys like Howie Day and this buttnugget put the fear of God into women. Men need to rally in these cases and string guys like that up by their balls.
|| Palmer, 1:51 PM


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